BeardedMoney Numbing Cream

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Our BeardedMoney Numbing Cream presents an unparalleled relief for tattoo enthusiasts. Experience a serene tattoo session with our premium cream, ensuring a comfortable and painless process. Get ready for a stress-free tattooing journey, praised by professionals and loved by customers.

Transform your tattooing experience with BeardedMoney's superior formula:
  • 3 hours of effective numbing
  • Email for extended sessions
  • Humorous approach to the traditional tattoo pain
A single 10g tube covers a considerable area, coupled with our acclaimed aftercare collection for optimal healing. Follow the simple application process for the best results.

Directions: Avoid alcohol, prepare the skin with a spot test and proper cleaning. Then, apply the cream following the easy steps detailed.

Care: Clean with Keep It Clean Foam and heal with Heal Right Balm for the finest aftercare regimen.

Disclaimer: BeardedMoney advises consultation with a GP prior to use for those with skin concerns or allergies. Our cream aims to provide a hassle-free tattooing experience, alongside the peace of mind due to responsible usage.

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