BeardedMoney Numbing Cream

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Our Exclusive Tattoo Numbing Cream is the ultimate solution for your upcoming tattoo session.

Picture yourself experiencing a pain-free tattooing process—now, that's entirely achievable with our signature cream. Simple to use, it leaves your tattoo quality uncompromised, earning praise from tattoo artists. Don't just take our word for it—see the glowing reviews below.

With our numbing cream for tattoos, you can:

  • Achieve numbness for up to 3 hours (and some users report extended effectiveness).
  • Reapply for those longer, intricate sessions.
  • Enjoy a good laugh at the misconception that getting a tattoo should be painful.

Just one 10g tube can effectively cover a 20cm2 area, ensuring you have enough for your session.

And, if you're in need of top-notch aftercare, explore our collection, which includes aftercare natural tattoo balm with different butters and Vitamin E.

Directions of Use of BeardedMoney Numbing Cream

For optimal results with our topical anesthetic, please refrain from consuming any form of alcohol within 24 hours before your tattoo session. Alcohol intake during this period may reduce the effectiveness and duration of the product.

To ensure compatibility with your skin:

  • Conduct a Spot Test: Perform a spot test on a small area slated for tattooing the next day. Apply the cream for 10-20 minutes to verify that your skin does not exhibit inflammation. This is particularly crucial for individuals with sensitive skin. Minor localized redness is expected; however, soreness, raised skin, or blistering is rare but abnormal.

Follow these steps for application:

  1. Preparation: Thoroughly wash and exfoliate the tattoo area with soap, water, and an exfoliator to eliminate dirt and dead skin. This aids in the cream's penetration. Ensure the area is completely dry.
  2. Application: Apply a generous, non-rubbed, 2mm thick layer of numbing cream to the area.
  3. Covering: Securely cover the area with cling film or our patented Numbing Garments. If using cling film, tape the edges for improved results. The heat generated under the wrap activates the cream, aids in skin penetration, and prevents the cream from drying out.
  4. Duration: Leave the cream and wrap in place for 60-90 minutes before the procedure. Do not exceed this timeframe, as it may risk skin damage.
  5. Removal: After 90 minutes, let your tattoo artist remove the cling film, wipe away the cream with a paper towel, and wash the area. Your pain-free tattoo experience is now ready to begin.


  • Cleaning: Wash the area with Keep It Clean Foam as per instructions.
  • Healing: Apply Heal Right Balm following the provided instructions.

Expect the skin to remain numb for 3-4 hours, on average, post-cream removal, depending on your skin type and the tattoo's location. If applying on broken skin, limit the duration to a maximum of 20 minutes at a time. Please note the disclaimer:

Disclaimer: BeardedMoney assumes no responsibility for allergic reactions or adverse effects of any kind resulting from product use. Carefully read the ingredients and usage instructions beforehand and address any queries you may have. If you have underlying health issues, a history of skin problems, allergic reactions, or any doubts, consult a General Practitioner before use. While adverse reactions after a tattoo are unlikely due to our product, unless you are allergic, in which case we advise against use, remember that a fresh tattoo is an open wound requiring sterile treatment to prevent infection.


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