Painless Kit (Tattoo balm (Læknir) and our BeardedMoney Numbing Cream)

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BeardedMoney presents the ultimate Painless Kit, meticulously handcrafted in Houston, Texas. This kit brings together our nature-inspired Tattoo Balm (Lknir) enriched with vital Vitamin E, and our acclaimed BeardedMoney Numbing Cream. Indulge in the transformative care of the finest natural ingredients like Coconut Butter, Shea Butter, Hemp Seed Oil, and more. The result? Skin that feels softer, glows with health, and showcases vivid ink. Experience the pinnacle of tattoo aftercare and pain management with our expertly formulated products designed for tattoo enthusiasts who demand excellence. How to Use the Painless Kit? Spot Test: Begin by testing a small tattoo area with our cream to ensure skin compatibility. Prepare the Skin: Cleanse and exfoliate the area and pat dry. Apply: Place a thick layer of numbing cream without rubbing it in. Cover: Use cling film or our Numbing Garments to wrap the area securely. Duration: Allow the cream to work its magic for 60-90 minutes before your session. Aftercare: Clean with Keep It Clean Foam and heal with Heal Right Balm as per the guidelines. Embrace the serenity of pain-free tattooing and witness your skin thrive with BeardedMoney's Painless Kit.

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