Spartan diffuser and air freshener has a sharp, distinct herbal scent of eucalyptus is softened nicely by fresh spearmint with undertones of fresh lemon and sage. Nicely balanced!.

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Introducing BeardedMoney's Spartan Diffuser & Air Freshener - the quintessence of herbal freshness for your personal spaces. Experience a sharp, vibrant mix of eucalyptus and spearmint, elegantly mellowed with accents of lemon and sage for a well-rounded aromatic delight. Encased in an elegant glass and wood assembly, this 10ml fragrance diffuser ensures your car or any small area exudes a captivating scent for over 50 days. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Spartan Diffuser comes with string, a wood diffuser lid, a glass jar, and our signature fragrance oil. Easy to Use: Unscrew the wooden cap and remove the plastic stopper. Keep the stopper for later use. Reattach the wooden cap, ensuring it's secure but not overtightened to prevent cracking. Invert the diffuser briefly, letting the oil imbue the cap. Be cautious not to oversaturate. Return to upright position, reinstall the stopper, and fasten the lid. Tie a firm knot to install the diffuser securely. Refresh the scent by repeating these steps as needed. Ensure safety, as BeardedMoney is not responsible for any damages incurred through use. Disclaimer: This product description is for scent characterization only and does not infringe on trademarks. BeardedMoney has no association with original manufacturers. Warnings: NOT FOR CONSUMPTION, DO NOT INGEST - Keep away from children and pets.

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