Tuxedo diffuser and air freshener has smells fresh, crisp, dark Oak, Bergamot, and hint of Bourbon.

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Tuxedo diffuser and air freshener has smells fresh, crisp, dark Oak, Bergamot, and hint of Bourbon.

 That will make your car and small space amazing. This glass and wood diffuser is filled with 10 ml of diffusing fragrance perfect for making your small space smell amazing on the go. The diffuser lasts up to 50+ days.

Materials: String, Wood Diffuser Lid, Glass Jar, Fragrance Oil

Instructions for use:

1. Unscrew wooden cap and carefully remove plastic stopper. (Do NOT throw stopper away)

2. Replace the wooden cap until secure being sure not to over tighten as over tightening can cause the wooden lid to crack.

3. Hold the diffuser upside down for a few seconds to allow the wooden cap to saturate with fragrance oil. (DO NOT over saturate the wooden cap as this may cause oil to leak / spill and may cause damage to any surface the oil comes in contact with.) If oil spillage occurs clean immediately with a dampened cloth.

4. Turn scent diffuser upright, reinstall plastic stopper and secure wooden lid.

5. Install your scent diffuser by tying a secure knot. *Failing to secure the scent diffuser probably may cause the scent diffuser to become detached and break or damage.

When scent becomes faint or is no longer notable repeat steps 1-5.

*BeardedMoney is not liable for damages.

By purchasing this product you release BeardedMoney from any liability.



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